Our Process


Our Process

From the Farms

Our ice cream bases are all natural, with the freshest ingredients, straight from local farms.

Discover what makes our bases unique

To our Stores

When the truck delivers our farm fresh ingredients to our stores, we make sure to store them pristinely so they are ready for you.

To You

We believe that you, our customer, are the most important part of our ice cream making process. So when you order your ice cream, we make sure to create your ice cream to your specifications with only the finest and freshest ingredients.

We Base It, Flavor It, Mix It, and Pair it to deliver the ice cream of your dreams with all the right ingredients.

The secret to our creamy ice cream and yogurt is in the rapid freezing of the mixture using liquid nitrogen at -321 degrees Fahrenheit. The liquid nitrogen causes the fat and water particles to stay very small, giving the ice cream its creamy consistency with no ice crystals.

According to food science experts, rapid freezing preserves the nutrients in food, giving you only nature’s finest.