Our Bases


Our certified organic ice cream base comes straight from one of the nation’s finest family creameries and is made from the simplest ingredients to deliver the highest quality of ice cream. This base is made with all organic products that are non-homogenized, allowing you to really taste the full, rich flavor of the organic ice cream.


Our premium ice cream base is made with the perfect blend of ingredients, promising unparalleled smoothness and flavor. This base comes from a local family farm that specializes in providing high quality ingredients to create the smoothest ice cream creations.


Looking for a non-dairy, gluten free ice cream? Order our coconut base and customize it to create the ice cream of your dreams. Our coconut base is made with real coconut, one of nature’s wonder foods, along with the freshest ingredients, loading your ice cream with amazing health benefits and flavor.

Frozen Yogurt

If you’re looking for a healthy dessert, we offer our signature non-fat frozen yogurt as a base to customize any of our creations.

Our frozen yogurt ice cream base comes fresh from one of the nation’s most renowned dairy farms—with a reputation of premium quality and exceptional products.

Because of our freezing procedure, our frozen yogurt is so creamy, so fresh, and so delicious that you really can’t tell it’s not ice cream.